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A day of unity, not division

  • Published at 04:43 pm February 21st, 2018
  • Last updated at 01:02 am February 22nd, 2018
A day of unity, not division
The spirit of Ekushey is one of inclusion and diversity, reminding us of the great sacrifices made by our forefathers so that we may have the privilege of speaking in our mother tongue. For certain members of the ruling party’s student wing to then go on and mar this day with violence flies in the face of what Ekushey February stands for. The fact that this clash was engaged in by different factions of the same group makes the matter worse, with innocent people injured in the fallout. Not only does it serve to perpetuate a culture of thuggery and violence, it also takes attention away from the spirit of Ekushey February. Moving forward, we have many challenges ahead of us, as we must work together towards improving Bangladesh’s literacy rate and ensuring that the languages of our minorities are preserved. On the other hand, BCL’s violent behaviour is the sort of distraction that the nation could do very well without. We have spoken much about how these violent units of the ruling party need to be reined in, and these outburst of brutality are a perfect example of why this needs to be done swiftly and with a heavy hand. In the future, we cannot allow such behaviour to persist. The government must make it clear that there will be no tolerance for violence. Bangladesh has no room for people who wish to foster discord amongst us, instead of working towards development and progress like countless people do every day.