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Not a solution

  • Published at 07:28 pm February 13th, 2018
  • Last updated at 12:04 am February 14th, 2018
Not a solution
The fact that question paper leaks continue to plague our education sector is a sad reminder of the corruption that still infests the system. What the sector needs is a long-term and active plan that seeks out these corrupt cells, which are connected through well-placed syndicates, and root them out. What does not help, however, is the string of ill-conceived, ad-hoc solutions the government and the Education Ministry have come up with recently, solutions which do more harm than good to society at large, and speak of an undeniable lack of understanding within the administration itself. A recent decision in which the government had planned to suspend internet services for certain periods of the day, is indicative of the sort of poor judgement that our administrative bodies have been known for. Are we to believe that the best the authorities can do in this regard is to completely curtail online communication? Not only did this decision smack of short-sightedness, it also went completely against the government’s promises of a truly digital Bangladesh. Thankfully, that plan has since been scrapped. However, it paved the way for yet another ill-conceived “solution” that would see a ban on mobile phones within 200 metres of SSC exam halls. Is it too much to ask for a solution to these leaks that does not come at the cost of inconveniencing everyone else? Could we, perhaps, work towards a solution that does not treat the continuing and widespread corruption in our education system as anything short of a joke? It’s high time that the authorities realized that what we need is to treat the disease itself, not the symptoms. We need to be more direct and more assertive when it comes to dealing with such corruption, for it is the only way to ensure that criminals do not continue to undermine the education system. Unfortunately, so far, the administration has failed miserably in doing so. Try again, please.