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Getting to the root of the problem

  • Published at 06:29 pm February 6th, 2018
  • Last updated at 03:38 am February 7th, 2018
Getting to the  root of the problem
The problem of question paper leaks is one that runs deep. Year after year, question papers get leaked by syndicates in hopes of cashing in on the desperation of students to pass their exams without putting in the hard work. This failure to stop the leak translates, frankly, into a failure of our current public education system, of which the SSC and HSC examinations are an indispensable part. Other than vague assurances, the Education Ministry has been unable to make much headway into this problem. Instead of punishing students, the focus should be on making sure these leaks never happen again. Exemplary punishment needs to be doled out to the syndicate members responsible for these leaks, which signal to students -- even the meritorious ones -- that there is no point in trying to earn a good grade honestly. Right now, a toxic culture of cheating is rampant, and it is eating away at the core of our education system. It was recently revealed that the question papers are being obtained a long time before the beginning of exams, allowing syndicates plenty of time to distribute the questions over the internet, and hence, the cautionary practice of allowing students to enter the hall only 30 minutes before the start of the exam has not worked. Right now, those involved with the operation of leaking question papers are one step ahead of those trying to stop the leak. It needs to be the other way around -- we need to be smarter about this, and make it very clear that this is a serious crime which will not be tolerated. The future of our youth is too precious to be gambled with.