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For a better tourism industry

  • Published at 07:53 pm February 4th, 2018
  • Last updated at 02:17 am February 5th, 2018
For a better tourism industry
Let’s face it: When it comes to tourism, Bangladesh has lagged far behind. This is despite the fact that we have the potential to truly build a world-class tourism industry, which could take full advantage of the various scenic sights and tourist spots strewn across Bangladesh’s landscape. Much of the problem has been that we have not maintained these sights to their utmost, and in some cases have allowed them to falter, letting time do its worst on their conditions. The Bangladesh Economic Zone Authorities has plans for certain parts of the country which seeks to right this wrong, a definite step towards further enhancing the scope of our economy. Part of its plan is to convert islands such as Jaliardwip, into eco-tourism parks which will undoubtedly give our tourism industry a much-needed boost. This would go a long way in not only generating income for the nation but it also has the potential to create a host of new jobs. Considering the one-dimensional nature of our economy as it stands -- with an over-reliance on RMG -- the need for diversification has never been greater. And a well-oiled tourism industry has the potential to deliver just that. Hundreds of nations around the world, big and small, have taken steps to boost their tourism sector, and there’s no reason Bangladesh cannot do the same. To that end, providing better infrastructure, tourist helplines, tour guides, and tourism-related skill development, can go a long way in ensuring that people around the world see Bangladesh as a tourist destination worth paying attention to.