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A more modern public transport system

  • Published at 04:41 pm January 5th, 2018
  • Last updated at 03:31 pm January 6th, 2018
A more modern public transport system
For any major metropolitan city, an efficient public transport system is integral to its success. In this regard, the introduction of the Rapid Pass Card for BRTC buses is a great step forward for Dhaka. PM Sheikh Hasina’s inauguration of the pass highlights a move towards better bus service that not only makes the payment of bus fares hassle-free, but also ensures that there are no confusions about rates. If Bangladesh wishes to move forward, and continues to aspire for its status as a middle-income nation, it must improve the way the public transport system currently functions. In its current state, the public transport system is anything but. Buses are poorly managed, driven by unqualified drivers, and wreak havoc on the streets of Dhaka with their haphazard and chaotic presence. With Dhaka upgrading with Mass Rapid Transit and Bus Rapid Transit systems in the near future, a Rapid Pass Card will be crucial for better integration of its public transport system. This is something that Dhaka can learn from other major cities such as London, which uses the Oyster card, and Sydney, which utilises Opal. These are smart and efficient ways for the city to truly move towards a future that makes commuting inside the city easy and hassle-free. The transport authorities now need to ensure that these Rapid Pass Cards are easily available and used properly, and that it continues to expand its services to the citizens of this country. In this day and age, it is only through using the latest technology that we can allow our capital to truly flourish into a successful metropolis.