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Ready to go digital

  • Published at 05:47 pm January 4th, 2018
  • Last updated at 03:39 am January 5th, 2018
Ready to go digital
As Bangladesh goes full steam ahead in becoming a middle-income nation, it is becoming increasingly important for us scale up our efforts in information and communications technology. Over the last four years, we have witnessed the burgeoning of the ICT sector in the country, from the adoption of computers in government offices for record-keeping to the increased use of credit and debit cards throughout shops and merchants. We have witnessed newer, more efficient avenues for our foreign workers to send remittance back to their homeland, and more and more data centres dotting the nation for companies both foreign and local to store precious data into. As impressive as these initiatives are, compared to most industrialised nations of the world we are still in the early stages, and there is still work to be done to fully realise the dream of a Digital Bangladesh. But it is good that the government is on track, and 2018 looks like it may shape up to be the year of ICT for us. Kudos to the government’s ICT division for mapping out a number of ongoing projects which will further bolster our ICT sector, which include using technology to commercialise and brand innovative new products, protecting intellectual property rights, supporting young innovators, and creating a platform to identify, nurture, and develop promising new ICT concepts. Increased focus on ICT also means a more modern economy -- as the world slowly shifts away from labour-based economies to knowledge-based economies, so will we. There is no doubt that the future is digital, and it is time to embrace that reality.