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A Christmas for all of us

  • Published at 06:42 pm December 24th, 2017
  • Last updated at 03:43 am December 25th, 2017
A Christmas  for all of us
On this day, the most important religious holiday of the Christian calendar, more than 3 million Christians will celebrate Christmas. This holiday should serve to remind us that Bangladesh is home to a diverse group of people, of multiple faiths and ethnicities, who live on a land we all call home. With this in mind, we should all come together to spread the spirit of Christmas, which speaks of community and tolerance. This having been a difficult year for Bangladesh, as the Rohingya who have fled persecution and oppression in neighbouring Myanmar, it is more important now more than ever to uphold these values which bind and unite us. This is an especially important year for the Christian community in Bangladesh due to the visit of His Holiness Pope Francis last month, who has always demonstrated his influence as a global icon, whose message of inclusion and equality should inspire us all. While the Bangladeshi people were disappointed by his lack of direct acknowledgement of the plight of the Rohingya on his visit to Myanmar, we cannot afford to look back on what could have been done and, instead, should look forward to what we can do. With the new year almost upon us, let us head into it holding on to the good, not the bad. Despite the forces which might try to disrupt our democratic heritage, it is undeniable that Bangladesh is a secular nation, one which believes in treating all of its citizen equally. And remembering our history of violence in 1971, we should also remember the values of kindness and compassion, which we have wholeheartedly extended to the Rohingya, and which we must keep hold of as new plans of repatriation come into fruition. Let us come together so that we may look forward to a year of inclusion and harmony, and remember that the Christmas spirit is one of sharing and giving. The Dhaka Tribune wishes its readers a very Merry Christmas.