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A failure to examine

  • Published at 06:24 pm December 19th, 2017
  • Last updated at 12:45 pm December 20th, 2017
A failure to examine
The education system of any nation is crucial to its progress. It is responsible for ensuring that a nation has a future that is led by a generation of competent young adults, who are not only technically sound, but also morally incorruptible. Unfortunately, in Bangladesh, this is far from the case. While our education system has severe lackings, the worst offender, hands down, is the persistence of question paper leaks. Every year, we hear stories of large-scale leaks of examination papers. And investigations by the Dhaka Tribune has shown that from teachers to students to administrative staff to government officials are involved in syndicates which allow this corrupt practice to continue. When the education system is faltering because of such continuous cycles of corruption, it is up to the Education Ministry to ensure that such practices are stopped immediately. As such, it is rather baffling to hear the education minister play the blame game, and place the responsibility solely in the hands of the teachers, because the teachers are, apparently, “doing this just to embarrass the government.” It seems the ministry has no intention of treating such a serious short-coming in our education system with the amount of gravity and concern it requires. If the ministry will merely shift the blame and sit back and wait for the problem to solve itself, then we have a ministry that is far from qualified to run the education system of our country. This is a clear failure on the ministry’s part to examine their own role as part of the system, and their responsibility towards the nation and its youth. What the people need are actions, not excuses. It is imperative that the individuals and groups involved with the leaks are rooted out and punished.