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Where has he gone?

  • Published at 05:12 pm November 10th, 2017
  • Last updated at 05:27 pm November 10th, 2017
Where has he gone?

Another missing person, more unanswered questions.

The case of NSU Assistant Professor Dr Mubashshar Hasan Cesar is the latest among many of people who have gone missing in the country, with little or no explanation.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new.

How an academic, who occasionally wrote innocuous articles on militancy, could go missing in such a manner, is baffling to all concerned, and is a question that needs to be answered as a priority.

In the last eight years, almost 400 people have gone missing under varying circumstances, with their families being nowhere closer to the truth.

This is an all too common a scenario, and a worrying trend that must be addressed.

The trend of people going missing by the numbers every month is nothing short of alarming, and it helps no one when the public starts to lose faith in law enforcement’s ability to protect them.

Of course, comments made by the home minister only serve to exacerbate the problem, where he has claimed that some go missing only to “embarrass” law enforcement.

Unfortunately, comments such as these are far from constructive.

Our law enforcement has a solemn responsibility to ensure the safety of all citizens, and assure us that they are doing all they can, instead of merely passing the buck.

Right now, the people are in the dark and need answers.

Certainly, it is not wise to jump to conclusions, which is why it is all the more important for the government to get to the bottom of this mystery -- that would serve to not only reassure the public, but also put a stop to any unfounded speculation.