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A sentence long overdue

  • Published at 06:31 pm October 30th, 2017
  • Last updated at 11:08 pm October 30th, 2017
A sentence long overdue
On August 11, 1989, an assassination attempt was made on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at her family residence in Dhanmondi. It is good news, and long overdue, that 11 people responsible for the attack, all members of Bangladesh Freedom Party, have been sentenced to life imprisonment plus a fine and an additional six months in prison in case of default. The attempt on PM Sheikh Hasina’s life was aimed at rendering the Awami League leaderless, and was intended as a continuation of the horrifying attack that took the life of Father of the Nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. On the day of the attack on PM Hasina, 28 years ago, the assailants forced their way into residence at Road 32, Dhanmondi, hurled grenades and opened fire. Thankfully, on duty police officers at the premises fired back at the attackers, causing them to flee. This verdict sends a strong and important message, that even if there is a delay, justice will prevail. Furthermore, the gravity of this kind of attack can never be ignored. The sluggishness of our criminal justice system has, over the years, given hope to many a perpetrator, emboldening others. But it is of utmost importance that cases are prosecuted with haste, and while everyone deserves a fair and thorough trial with no room for malpractice, the legal system should not allow itself to be exploited or manipulated. This verdict against those who plotted against Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina should be applauded, as procedure has been followed, and ultimately, justice has been served.