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Standing with Somalia

  • Published at 08:25 pm October 17th, 2017
Standing  with Somalia
When Somalia ushered in a new president this year, UN special representative for Somalia said the country “is not a place falling apart, it is a place coming together.” The president, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, pledged a war against terror groups -- specifically Al Shabab, and promised a new beginning. Those hopes have been ground to dust, as today, Somalia stands reeling from the deadliest terror attack in its history. At least 300 people have died in the bombing at Mogadishu, and there are fears that the death toll will rise. What makes the attack all the more appalling was that it was targetted towards innocent civilians, which shows the indiscriminate brutality of the terrorists. The world now needs to stand with Somalia, and lend a hand of support to those affected by this devastating tragedy. Medical supplies are needed to treat the wounded, as are facilities for evacuation. As such, Somalia needs all the assistance it can get from the world. Al Shabab has long been a menace to the country, and a threat to its national development -- and the terror group must be dealt with swiftly by the international community through coordinated action. With the omnipresent dangers of famine and a high unemployment rate, Somalia is always teetering on the brink of collapse, and it is this lack of stability which empowers terror groups. Only a strong and stable state will be able to stand up to the constant terror threat, and that should be the long term goal. Our prayers go out to the victims of this horrific attack, and we hope Somalia’s resolve to defeat terror is not dampened. The fight must go on.