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The case of the missing militant

  • Published at 06:11 pm October 15th, 2017
  • Last updated at 08:25 pm October 15th, 2017
The case of the missing militant
We have often praised the Bangladesh police for its hard work and dedication to keeping us safe, especially since the deadly terror attacks of last year, but a recent revelation points to a worrying trend. A Bangladeshi militant, Golam Rabbani, deported from Malaysia has been missing since July 19, and the authorities seem to be clueless regarding his whereabouts since the night he left Malaysia for Bangladesh. That is an alarming prospect. One would expect our law enforcement to be in touch with Malaysian authorities to make sure that they had the suspect under close surveillance on his return to Bangladesh, but officials at the police headquarters have no information on who picked up Golam from the airport, or if anyone picked him up at all. The fact that the airport police were not even made aware of the deportation is equally concerning. The incident requires immediate and thorough investigation, and questions must be raised as to how this could have happened at all. Disappearances are, unfortunately, a recurring problem for us as a nation, and the government has a responsibility towards all of its citizens in that regard, especially when it comes to high-risk individuals such as profiled militants. The administration must take immediate steps to improve and strengthen our surveillance systems, and various government agencies need to work in concert with the police on cases such as this to make sure they don’t reoccur.