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A credible education

  • Published at 06:13 pm September 26th, 2017
  • Last updated at 02:00 am September 27th, 2017
A credible education
While Bangladesh has been roaring ahead in a number of development indicators, it still lags behind when it comes to providing quality education to its youth. In the latest Kha Unit exam at Dhaka University, more than 83% of students failed the admission exam -- a symptom of a broader problem within our education system. Of course it is regrettable that so few of our students are cutting the muster but the low pass rate also speaks to the fact that in the past, grade inflation has been a major problem. Whereas a GPA 5.00 at SSC and HSC levels should refer to the cream of the crop when it comes to the quality of students, this has, for the longest time, not been the case. Such results have become a dime a dozen, with many experts questioning the quality of what achieving a GPA 5.00 really means. Furthermore, students themselves get a skewed notion of where they stand. So it is really our public education system that has let these students down. What has become evident, then, is that our entire education system needs an overhaul, with better grading mechanisms put in place which will truly test the calibre of students and not merely focus on rote memorisation. The admission tests also need to cater to a varied range of abilities and skills. Basing a student’s future on a single exam -- the merit of which remains contentious -- is not the best way to go. Let us try to fix this system before it is too late, because our own graduates will ultimately be the ones building this country’s future.