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A shared responsibility

  • Published at 05:52 pm September 22nd, 2017
  • Last updated at 12:49 pm September 23rd, 2017
A shared responsibility
Opening poignantly with a true description of the ongoing Rohingya crisis, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina delivered an inspiring speech on Thursday at the UNGA, one that effectively touched upon all the important issues concerning Bangladesh’s place in the world. The PM must be applauded for focusing on constructive solutions to the crisis, and on the way forward, as opposed to dwelling on the iniquity or endlessly dishing out blame. While she did firmly and boldly demand that Myanmar halt its military operations against the Rohingyas immediately, she is also well aware that simply insisting on it will not make any practical difference. Among her five proposals to the UN, the PM Hasina made the excellent call for safe zones inside Myanmar for all persecuted groups regardless of race or religion. Governments around the world must now put real pressure on Myanmar to make these safe zones a reality -- the fate of an entire ethnic group cannot simply be abandoned to hands of a murderous regime. She underscored Bangladesh’s commitment to the equal treatment of all people, and strongly denounced violent extremism in the name of religion. After describing, for the benefit of all present, the steps her government has taken to offset the spread of extremism in Bangladesh, she made a powerful plea that should be heeded by all world governments, some more than others: Stop supplying arms to terrorists and stop terrorist financing. World peace is a shared responsibility. It cannot be achieved without coordinated action and cooperation among all the nations and peoples of the planet.