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A beacon of hope

  • Published at 06:41 pm September 12th, 2017
  • Last updated at 11:20 pm September 12th, 2017
A beacon of hope
So far, Bangladesh has been a beacon of hope and humanity in the midst of the Rohingya crisis. This example is set by none other than our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina herself who, along with a delegation, visited Kutupalong Registered Camp for displaced Rohingya refugees on Tuesday. As our rightful leader, she has shown the path, not just to the citizens, but to the rest of the world, by setting an example of kindness and generosity, by providing aid and shelter to the fleeing Rohingya people. As a country who has witnessed the brutality of 1971, the prime minister understands what it is like to be oppressed and persecuted, to be targeted for not being the right race or religion, or for not speaking the right language. The PM has rightfully said: “Our houses were also burnt down in 1971. People fled to India when they had nowhere to go.” Similarly, the Rohingya find themselves stateless and unwanted, with nowhere to go. If no one else will save the Rohingya from their torturous existence in Myanmar, it has been left to us to do the right thing. If no one else understands the plight of the Rohingya, we must. And Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina knows that. It takes a truly great leader to take a stand for humanity as the world stays mute on what is undoubtedly one of the greatest humanitarian crises of our times. In the words of the prime minister:  “Does the senseless slaughter in Myanmar not impinge their conscience?”