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We cannot lose our children to terror

  • Published at 06:40 pm September 10th, 2017
  • Last updated at 07:23 pm September 10th, 2017
We cannot lose our children to terror
The recent news of a New JMB leader who chose to blow himself up along with his entire family, including two children, instead of surrendering to the authorities, makes one wonder: How anyone can look up to such a horribly selfish human being who would kill his own children in the pursuit of ultimate gain for themselves? And yet, we, as a nation, have allowed such people to be regarded as spiritual leaders. But the only destination that they can take anyone to is an untimely death. The disturbing thing is that such criminally insane individuals have been busy misleading our youth for quite some time now, and we are finally seeing the awful results. If we want our nation to be free of extremism, then we cannot tolerate such criminals any longer. We must immediately take action to create a robust education system, one which allows for the best traits to be developed in our youth, one that teaches them by setting good examples to follow. And it is our leaders who set those examples. We must staff our institutions of learning with teachers and academics who instill knowledge and the right conduct in young people. Teachers should be role models who inspire the youth to do good for their nation, for their communities, for their families, and for their own well-being. But, unless we act now, we may be unwittingly leaving our children in the hands of men who have no qualms in letting them die for their own agendas.