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We have the potential, now we need the skills

  • Published at 08:20 pm August 28th, 2017
  • Last updated at 12:56 am August 29th, 2017
We have the potential, now we need the skills

With over 2.2 million young people entering Bangladesh’s work force every year, we should have all the manpower we need to tackle the various challenges that plague the country.

Unfortunately, according to reports, some three quarters of these workers do not have the adequate skills to take the country forward.

Many who are equipped with the right skills choose to look for work overseas, with more than seven million people leaving in 2016.

With our mounting problems and the increasing brain drain, it is important that we come up with long-term solutions to the skill shortage here at home.

We need to train our workers here, and give them the opportunities they deserve so that they are incentivised to stay in the country.

These young worker have the potential to truly take our country forward on the path towards not only middle-income status, but towards solving the issues of corruption, infrastructural inadequacy, and climate change, among others, which continue to derail us.