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Clean water for everyone

  • Published at 06:39 pm August 28th, 2017
Clean water for everyone

While the recent rains have caused flooding on a scale that has worsened the lives of many in the country, what is worse is the diseases that have subsequently spread in the flood-hit districts.

It is rather concerning that over a thousand people have been affected by diarrhoea, dysntery, eczema, and other related diseases since the flood waters have started to recede.

Flooding has been a major roadblock on our path to progress, and if such diseases are allowed to spread without proper governmental intervention, countless will suffer, and many could die.

The situation is exacerbated by the fact safe drinking water has been in short supply and sanitation has been dismal.

Not only do we need to tackle the flood situation in a sustainable manner, but we also have to make sure that people have easy access to clean water and adequate medical treatment.

Many have already lost their homes and their lives to the floods this year.

We must also ensure that no more lives are lost in this way, and at the hands of the diseases these floods have caused.