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There is no hope for Biman

  • Published at 05:47 pm August 20th, 2017
  • Last updated at 06:17 pm August 21st, 2017
There is no hope for Biman

Most of us are familiar with the feeling of dread that comes with landing at an airport in Bangladesh.

Apart from the horrific manners of airport officials, there is a good chance you might never see your luggage again.

Over a hundred passengers file for lost baggage every day, and the problem lies in Biman’s monopoly over ground-handling services.

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The Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh says it plans to contract out to private companies for ground handling, which it tried in the past but failed due to pressure from Biman.

We have never needed any additional proof of the scope of Biman’s incompetence when it comes to serving customer demands.

But when the company’s actions start to directly affect their passengers, it makes the case for Biman’s prompt privatisation that much stronger.