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Making the metro a reality

  • Published at 07:22 pm August 2nd, 2017
Making the metro a reality

The construction for our first metro rail project is about to begin, but for a project like this, speedy implementation is everything.

Time and again, we have seen how big projects get delayed or cancelled, with the government dragging its feet, and getting bogged down by inefficiency and corruption.

Oftentimes, project funds are written off from the books and the process gets swept under the rug. The government must make sure that does not happen in the case of the metro rail project.

We need to be serious about the end date of 2020, and make sure the Tk22,000 crore project is carried out properly, with transparency.

Traffic is one of the worst problems of Dhaka, and if we can make the metro a reality, our capital may finally get some breathing space.