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Biman cannot go on this way

  • Published at 06:16 pm June 10th, 2017
  • Last updated at 06:30 pm June 10th, 2017
Biman cannot go on this way

What a terrible waste of money.

In a disastrous case of mismanagement, Bangladesh’s flag carrier Biman had to ground two aircrafts leased from EgyptAir.

This blunder will cost the airline some Tk200 crore.

For a long time, Biman’s endless loss-making ways have been a terrible drain on the public coffers, and this most recent fiasco comes as no surprise.

Biman has also been ranked rather low in terms of airline quality and customer service, and there are no signs its reputation will improve any time soon.

And yet, the government keeps propping up this white elephant instead of putting our tax-payer money to better use.

Because of the massive losses incurred by Biman over the years, the burden imposed on public pockets is becoming impossible to sustain.

It is high time the government made a move towards privatising Biman, thereby forcing the organisation to change its management, improve the quality of its service, and rid itself of the rampant corruption and appalling incompetence it is presently afflicted with.

Right now, tax-payer money would be much better spent on improving airport infrastructure to make Dhaka an attractive hub for air travel, and flight engineering and training facilities.

Passengers would be better served by the many high quality private airlines that are currently operational, and would not miss the absence of Biman in the meantime.

A flag carrier is supposed to be a nation’s pride, and clearly Biman has been failing to deliver on that promise.