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Get on the bus

  • Published at 06:09 pm June 7th, 2017
  • Last updated at 07:39 pm June 7th, 2017
Get on the bus

The main problem is not that BRTC is planning to buy 600 new buses while one-third of its current fleet is being wasted.

The issue remains that bus services in Dhaka make a mockery of the concept of a safe, reliable, and comfortable public transport system.

With the number of hard-working men and women who use public transport in this city, we must ask: How can the authorities allow bus services to run as they do now?

The buses are in woeful condition, filled over capacity, do not follow traffic rules, are not safe for women, and have no fixed fare scheme in place.

This is a public service that any major metropolis should be ashamed of being associated with.

Buying new buses is not the problem; in fact, we need more of them on the streets.

Considering our highly problematic traffic system, better public transport services have become essential to make Dhaka a more liveable city.

It would encourage more and more people to use public transport, reducing traffic pressure on the streets, and discourage private cars from coming out.

An improvement, in this regard, is a long time coming.

Though Mayor Annisul Haq has tried to improve conditions by bringing in more order to the system, the plan has been met with resistance.

Bus companies, run as they often are by crooks, would rather make up the traffic rules for themselves as they go along.

No more.

Dhaka can only be improved by improving its public transport system.

Let us get more buses on our streets, and more people on our buses.