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Young and hopeful

  • Published at 06:59 pm May 29th, 2017
  • Last updated at 07:45 pm May 29th, 2017
Young and hopeful

The future rests on the shoulders of the youth.

Without their energy and optimism, the nation’s future would have no leg to stand on.

That is exactly what Bangla Tribune’s youth survey discovered.

Carried out with the purpose of attaining a better understanding of the youth’s perceptions, not only regarding Bangladesh’s future, but various aspects of Bangladeshi culture and politics, the survey was conducted among 2,400 people aged 18 to 40.

What the survey took away, overall, was that the youth are optimistic about the future. This is crucial.

And we are digital -- the vast majority of young people are active on the internet and on social media.

We need to understand and value the young people of this country, and ensure that we work together to engage with them, and to facilitate their future success.

Even though the youth think that militancy is currently the biggest threat to national security, it is encouraging to see so many who consider militancy to be on the wrong side of affairs.

Some took issue with the influx of foreign cultures, which they claim has stolen the purity of Bengali culture, but it is encouraging to see that so our young population are so concerned with the issues of the nation.

These are the voices of the future, so we need to be paying attention to them.