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Taking a lead in the fight against terror

  • Published at 06:54 pm May 22nd, 2017
  • Last updated at 07:22 pm May 22nd, 2017
Taking a lead in the fight against terror

We applaud Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s call for a zero tolerance policy on terrorism at the Arab-Islamic-American Summit.

Bangladesh is taking the fight against terror seriously, and many other countries could do worse than to follow our lead in this battle.

The summit, which was held at King Abdulaziz International Conference Centre in Saudi Arabia, also played host to the Saudi king and the American president, in addition to other world leaders.

We are glad that the PM has been awarded such a prominent position at the summit.

As the leader of a Muslim majority country that is on the front-lines of the threat of Islamist terror, and has done as much to ensure that radicalism does not gain a foothold as other, more celebrated countries, it is recognition that is long overdue.

In the past year, Bangladesh has had to deal with terrorism to a degree it has not before. The Holey Artisan and Sholakia attacks, and the rising threat of militancy, succeeded in shaking the nation to the core.

But, thanks to resolute and uncompromising leadership and the efforts of the brave men in our security forces, the nation has stood firm, and has made great strides not only in rooting out militancy, but in progressing as a nation overall.

The PM’s leadership on the issue of terror deserves to be recognised, and Bangladesh’s leadership role at the anti-terror table should be unquestionable.