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Surely, law enforcement has better things to do?

  • Published at 08:10 pm May 21st, 2017
Surely, law enforcement  has better things to do?

One would think that raiding a gathering of ostensibly gay men would not be high up on the agenda of our elite law enforcement agencies, when serious crimes that need our attention are happening all around.

The debate on sexuality aside, the question must be asked: Why was it a priority for RAB to bust a gathering of young men in Keraniganj, of all things?

We should all be able to agree that there are more immediate and terrifying threats to our national security right now.

Should our bravest and most skilled defenders not be engaged in fighting those?

While there are inexplicable delays in catching murderers and rapists, to say nothing of the threat of militancy, RAB seems inexplicably concerned about cracking down on those viewed as having aberrant lifestyles.

Supposedly these are done to make us safer, but it must be asked: Who exactly was being harmed by the activities of those 28 arrested? If it is the job of law enforcement to keep the country safe, we can think of many better ways for them to employ their resources.

We also know that RAB also claims to have found narcotics during the bust and the detainees were officially charged with possession, and handed over to the police. But the question remains as to the motive for the bust in the first place.

If it was to interdict narcotic consumption, well, if that was a priority, we hardly think Keraniganj is the best place to start.

What the charges are against the arrested men must be made clear.

Finally, it is imperative that we ensure due process is being followed, and what happened was not just a personally or politically motivated witch-hunt.

Bangladesh has enough challenges to tackle as it is; we frankly cannot afford to squander precious law enforcement resources on things like this.