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Digital roadmap

  • Published at 08:18 pm April 16th, 2017
  • Last updated at 08:22 pm April 16th, 2017
Digital roadmap

While the government’s plan for high tech parks around the country is an excellent initiative, and will no doubt take us further towards Digital Bangladesh, the plan must go hand in hand with enhanced science education to be truly effective.

If these IT parks are to fulfill their potential, we must have the talent to fill them.

What will really take this vision to the next level is serious investment in education, especially science education, which will motivate young minds to pursue careers in IT.

The Indian IT industry is a good example of this. Many entrepreneurs in India had spent years studying or working in places like Silicon Valley before setting up companies in their own country.

Even more important, it was the Indian government’s massive investment in science education -- most notably setting up the IITs -- that paved the way for their success.

So while we applaud the idea of high-tech parks, they should be one part of a bigger solution.

For them to operate as envisioned and to have the impact desired, the initative needs to be carried out together with a commitment to science, especially IT, education.

Focusing on educating the youth who will lead the way forward into the future is the first step. This will ensure that, not only the IT industry, but other sectors as well have access to talented and skilled labour.

It is through enabling and easing the channels for further scientific education, research, and study that Bangladesh can truly digitise itself.

We have a lot of potential. Let’s make use of it.