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Make Dhaka a garden city

  • Published at 06:13 pm April 12th, 2017
Make Dhaka a garden city

As Dhaka city rushes into the future with more and more infrastructure projects, one thing becomes clear.

There is simply not enough greenery in the city.

Sadly, not only are we not planting enough trees, we are failing to protect the ones we already have.

Debdaru trees along Gulshan Avenue, which were planted by Dhaka North City Corporation as part of a commendable beautification project, have now been irreparably damaged by the reckless actions of repair workers.

It seems that whenever the city embarks on renovation or repair work, the trees end up as collateral damage.

This cannot go on: We need to prioritise on greenery for a truly sustainable Dhaka.

For the past few years, Dhaka has consistently earned the unenviable distinction of being known as one of the world’s least liveable cities, in spite of its economic dynamism.

But we must do better -- though it may sound like a far cry, the goal in mind should be to make Dhaka a garden city.

In this respect, we would do well to follow the example of Singapore, a leading global city that has exhibited tremendous economic growth in the past decades, but has never neglected the importance of planting trees around the city.

Singapore is proof that economic growth does not have to come at the cost of the environment.

The solution is to make it a priority to plant trees everywhere -- these trees will help residents of Dhaka in incalculable ways, from soaking up the air pollution to reducing temperature, to preventing flooding.

Trees should, then, be a central part of the vision for a clean and liveable Dhaka city.