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Time to set an example

  • Published at 08:25 pm April 11th, 2017
Time to set an example

Chhatra League members have struck again, this time opening fire on City University students in Savar.

This speaks of a complete disregard for law and order, and for human life.

The situation is made worse by the fact that the initial altercation, which had originated with two students, had been resolved by the time BCL resorted to the shooting.

Time and again, members of the ruling party’s student wing have used force, intimidation, and violence with impunity, and the shooting at Savar is just the latest in a series of unacceptable activities.

For the sake of preserving the rule of law, the government must rein them in.

Because of this reckless disregard for the law, a 22-year-old student of textile engineering lies dead.

The ruling party cannot make excuses for these acts, and must deal with these violent elements in the organisation to preserve its own good name.

Obviously, these criminal elements do not represent the ideals of the ruling party.

As such, they cannot be allowed to use the country as their own playground, whatever their party affiliation.

The PM and other AL leaders have made clear on numerous occasions , that they neither condone, nor will tolerate, such thuggery.

This latest incident is a good time to show they mean what they say.

We trust that justice for the perpetrators will be swift and severe.