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Roads of death

  • Published at 10:20 pm March 14th, 2017
Roads of death

Will our roads and flyovers ever be safe?

Yet another accident -- the fourth of its kind in less than a year.

Yet another death.

Such blatant disregard of safety and regulations is not acceptable, especially from a nation that is striving to achieve middle-income status.

In fact, the recent accident in the Moghbazar-Mouchak flyover has been a long time coming.

Construction of the flyover, and others around the city, has far done more harm than good, costing the people money in the billions of dollars, and wreaking havoc in the lives of the pedestrians.

Despite it being mandatory for construction sites such as these to be cordoned off, there are absolutely no safety precautions set in place around these areas to prevent accidents such as this.

And since no detours are set in place, vehicles are seen gunning down the wrong sides, over roads which are not fit for travel of any kind.

These roads have been in dire straits ever since the beginning of the construction, with construction debris, dust, and equipment lain haphazardly on the sides, and continue to be an issue of great risk and annoyance to the public and, of course, those who work on these sites.

It is understood that the construction of flyovers is instrumental the continued development of Dhaka city as a burgeoning metropolis, but that is futile if it comes at the cost of needlessly losing the lives of the city’s denizens.

It is about time that the authorities in question straightened up their act and incorporated stricter barriers along these sites to prevent future mishaps, and to provide more hassle-free alternatives to the public to minimise commuter troubles.

No progress is worth the loss of life.