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Bangladesh ready to go deep

  • Published at 07:45 pm March 13th, 2017
Bangladesh ready to go deep

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s pledge to protect Bangladesh and its sovereignty at all costs is a pledge the country’s citizens can get behind.

The addition of two submarines to the Navy arsenal shows that the Bangladesh navy is a force to be reckoned with.

These vessels serve as an important symbol of our strength, but also serve to protect our ships and offshore assets.

They are also crucial for improving the quality of training provided to our military personnel, ensuring that our war platforms are provided a more integrated approach.

In a rough and tumble world there will be those who will wish to bully our country and destroy the values we hold dear, and we need to be prepared for any and all threats.

With our nation moving faster and faster towards middle-income status, and becoming a significant player on the world stage as a result of our economic progress, the PM’s directive to beef up our military makes perfect sense.

Recently, extremism has also become a matter of concern for the government, both from within and outside the country, and a stronger military sends the message that Bangladesh takes its security seriously.

As the prime minister herself has said: “We will give a befitting reply if someone dares to attack our country.”

This move is a bold step forward for Bangladesh -- it lets citizens know that the security of the nation is a priority, and that we are about to become a more important player in the global arena.