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What caused the Mohammadpur fire?

  • Published at 06:58 pm February 16th, 2017
  • Last updated at 07:01 pm February 16th, 2017
What caused the  Mohammadpur fire?

And another slum goes up in flames.

We have seen this before.

Before the people have even had a chance to fully understand the scope of the devastation of the recent Korail and Sattola fires, another one breaks out in Mohammadpur, burning down at least 150 shanties -- why?

At this point, we do not know who was behind the fire, but, surely, another fire incident so soon is more than just a coincidence.

Slum-dwellers are alleging that the fire was part of a plan to drive them out of the area, and the government would do well to heed these accusations.

It certainly strains credulity to think that the destruction of Korail, Sattola, and Mohammadpur were just accidents.

Right now, questions abound, and hundreds if not thousands of lives are faced with total ruin.

The authorities should treat the matter with the seriousness that it deserves, and operate under the assumption that this was not an accident.

Carelessness or complacency in this investigation is not acceptable.

The government should, without delay, get to the bottom of this incident, find the culprits, and throw the book at them.

Failure to do so may mean these horrific and tragic events will be repeated.

And as always, the victims will be the poor and voiceless, who cannot always seek justice on their own.

We cannot let that happen -- only a full and thorough investigation will put to rest all the questions and suspicions regarding the matter, and prevent such a thing from happening again.

The Bangladeshi people are watching, and we demand answers.