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Stop the leak

  • Published at 07:21 pm February 15th, 2017
  • Last updated at 02:54 pm November 9th, 2017
Stop the leak

We have seen this before.

The Education Ministry once again has a lot to answer for, with SSC and HSC examination questions being leaked all over social media.

While it is a good sign that six suspects have been arrested in connection with the leak, this does not address the root of the problem.

Year after year, question papers get leaked by gangs hoping to cash in on the desperation of students.

What is the Education Ministry doing about all this, except give us hollow assurances?

This year already saw the textbook fiasco, where a number of government-issued textbooks were found to be riddled with errors.

Some serious questions need to be answered in connection to these leaks, and all those involved must be brought to book.

Any elements within the Ministry of Education which may have been found complicit in these misdeeds must be handed exemplary punishment.

Bangladesh cannot move forward if it does not clean up its act with regard to its education sector -- already we have fallen too far behind.

Without proper reform, these problems cannot be solved -- we need top-to-bottom supervision of all education activities, and the ministry must be answerable for each step.

Education is not a joke, and we cannot let the culture of question paper leakage become so normal that people no longer even find it unusual.

Let us put an end to this terrible practice once and for all, before irreversible damage is done to our next generation.