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Books have the power to unite

  • Published at 06:02 pm February 2nd, 2017
  • Last updated at 06:21 pm February 2nd, 2017
Books have the power  to unite

There is no doubt that the Amar Ekushey book fair is a significant part of our cultural calendar, one that authors, readers, and publishers from all over the country look forward to all year.

It is a place to build cultural bridges, and to reflect on the rich heritage of the Bangla language.

The Boi Mela presents a special opportunity to look into how far we have been able to develop our language, our literature, and our thought.

No other country can boast the annual tradition of a month-long book fair, held with such fervour at such an important venue in the capital -- the book fair makes Bangladesh unique, and in a good way.

It is good that the prime minister has called upon young people to read books, as it will broaden their horizons and prevent them from making poor life choices.

It is hoped that not only will young people take this advice, the book fair itself will broaden its horizons as it heads into the future.

This means increasing the reach and extent of our culture around the world.

Translating more Bangla literature into other languages would familiarise more of the world with our extraordinary collection of timeless masterpieces.

Such a move would also help establish more writers in the global arena -- Bangla Academy could work with the government, translators, writers, and publishers to carry this idea forward.

This way, the book fair will do more than just unite literary-minded Bangladeshis. It could take Bangladesh to the world.