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We need to be earthquake-ready

  • Published at 06:58 pm January 5th, 2017
We need to be earthquake-ready

Recent earthquakes felt in Dhaka need to be a wake-up for all of us.

This time Dhaka got off easy, as the city has felt the effects of earthquakes originating in Myanmar and Tripura.

However, Bangladesh needs to heed the warnings of geologists that these tremors may foreshadow a more devastating earthquake in the future.

Scientists say that enough seismic energy is stored in the region to cause significant damage to the region.

In that case, the nation would do well to be fully prepared.

It is unfortunate that building codes in Bangladesh have downplayed the importance of earthquake-proofing buildings.

The government should actively raise safety awareness and improve construction protocols. This means changing building practices and re-evaluating safety standards. Builders, property developers, and the government all need to coordinate with each other to improve the country’s ability to withstand a major earthquake.

The public need to be informed on how to react in emergency situations, and rescue services need to be given better resources and better training.

Relief needs to be able to reach people trapped under debris in case of a devastating event.

Becoming earthquake-resilient should be a high priority for us. There is plenty of expertise and knowledge available on this issue, and we can learn from countries like Japan.

There is no way to tell exactly when an earthquake will hit, so the only course of action is to prepare right now without delay.

This is not the time to indulge petty personal interests. If an earthquake hits, every single person will be affected. We need to brace ourselves accordingly.