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No children should suffer

  • Published at 12:00 am October 29th, 2016
No children should suffer

The Prime Minister’s Child Help Line 1098 initiative is one of her most laudable initiatives.

This free 24-hour telephone service for children will go a long way in curbing violence and abuse against children.

The service will be a valuable tool by allowing children to phone in whenever they are under threat, and subsequently providing them with the personal care and attention that they need.

In the PM’s very own words, this will be a revolution, not just as part of the nation’s continued development of its ICT sectors, but also, more importantly, in promoting and protecting the rights of our children.

Incidents of child abuse have been all too common in our country. In July, the case of 10-year-old Sagor Barman, in which he was killed by pumping air through his rectum, served to show that this is a very real problem. Shockingly, this was the second time a child had been killed in this way.

Our children and their protection should be of the highest priority, and this move on the government’s part shows that that is indeed the case.

But initiatives without implementation are pointless. Not only must every incident be treated with the utmost importance, but it is crucial that children and adults alike are made aware of the 1098 helpline.

With children being the most vulnerable amongst us, it is imperative that all of us, not just the government, take their plight seriously. We need to make the abuse and exploitation of children a thing of the past.