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Let’s not forget everything else

  • Published at 05:55 pm July 24th, 2016
  • Last updated at 05:57 pm July 25th, 2016

This month has proven to be a dark one in our nation’s history. But a month does not a nation make.

Despite the recent problems we’ve had, we hope that the government is in control of the numerous other issues troubling our nation.

The recent capsizing of a boat travelling from Shibpur to Nabinagar, killing nine and leaving even more injured, is a stark example of the consequences that improper monitoring and planning can have on our citizens.

We understand that the government has a lot on its plate right now in ensuring that each and every one of its citizens remains safe from any threat of terror, internal or otherwise, but we also trust that the administration is also well aware of the numerous everyday issues that regular Bangladeshis have to deal with.

Bangladesh as a country, unfortunately, bears the unenviable burden of over-population matched with poorly-planned infrastructure -- issues which have plagued us since the very inception of our nation.

While the efforts being put forward by the government in terms of security are commendable, safety does not end at ensuring that public spaces are free from the danger of a terrorist opening fire.

As a nation, we have experienced inordinately high death tolls from innumerable accidents on roads and waterways over the years, mostly consisting of individuals from lower income groups.

The government has allotted Tk5,000 and 20kg of rice to be handed out to the families of the victims of the capsized boat.

As helpful and well-meaning a gesture as this was, prevention has always been the preferred strategy over compensation in these circumstances.

So far, the government has been doing a good job in keeping the nation as safe as possible with regards to the threat of terrorism -- not enough can be stressed about how important that is to our nation at this specific period.

Proper monitoring of municipal operations and implementation of regulations are of equal importance, and to that end, we trust that the government has matters well in hand.