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Don’t let climate change drain the economy

  • Published at 12:00 am July 21st, 2016
Don’t let climate change  drain the economy

The Bangladeshi government needs to pay attention to recent research conducted by the New Zealand-based Health and Environment International Trust which says that global warming could cause the world $2 trillion in lost productivity.

With climate conditions in tropical and subtropical regions of the world becoming hotter with each passing day, the need for rest increases, leading to significant loss of labour hours.

This is in addition to the health risks workers face due to extreme weather conditions.

Change in climate will also lead to an increase in the frequency and intensity of natural disasters.

For the Bangladeshi economy, this is bad news.

Loss of productivity and damage to property as a result of disasters will cause irreparable harm to the Bangladeshi economy. With Bangladesh’s plans of becoming a middle-income nation still nascent, the government must take action to ensure that this is a priority.

There’s no point to economic growth if the country is losing so much money in the process.

In light of Bangladesh’s exports having risen significantly over the last few years, it is an even more pressing concern that we stay on the path towards progress and prosperity, and don’t lose sight of our long-term goals.

With climate change effects such as coastal and river erosion, salinity, and water logging leading to a loss of close to a million livelihoods per year, this could mean significant losses in GDP, which the New Zealand study has confirmed.

By some estimates, $2tn is enough to eradicate world hunger. It is high time Bangladesh, and the rest of the world, joined together to prevent its continued effects on the planet we call our home.