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Bring killers to justice with full force of the state

  • Published at 12:18 am June 7th, 2016
  • Last updated at 12:51 am June 14th, 2016

Enough is enough. These killings must stop. The murder of Mahmuda Khanam Mitu, which took place while she was walking to the bus stop with her second-grader son, should ring alarm bells for all of us. It has been suggested that she was murdered since she was married to a senior police officer who was involved in extensive work in battling extremist activities, and also to create panic among families of law enforcement agencies. On the same day, a shop-keeper who happened to be Christian was murdered by unidentified assailants. IS has apparently claimed responsibility for this death. These are the two latest incidents in a long series of murders that have taken place throughout the country recently. Men riding on motorcycles, attacking with sharp weapons, and fleeing the scene is a common scenario in these killings. Irrespective of whether these murders are connected by motive, what connects them is a deplorable culture of killing that has become normalised over time. No one seems to be safe. These killings not only spread fear and panic among the population, they undermine our faith in our law enforcement and political institutions. It is the solemn responsibility of the government to put its foot down and treat these killings as a crisis, and bring the perpetrators to book. It is not enough for us to simply condemn the culture of killing and violence that has manifested in our society. The government must uphold the rule of law and assure public safety.