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For a nutritious future

  • Published at 12:02 am August 21st, 2019
Children_School_Meal Policy
Photo: Latif Hossain

The National School Meal Policy is precisely what the country requires

It is very good news that the government is planning to provide midday meals to all primary school children -- about 14 million of them across Bangladesh -- by 2023 under the National School Meal Policy 2019.

While nutrition is no longer the most pressing issue in Bangladesh -- and it is solution-seeking policies that have helped curb this problem to a large extent -- what cannot be disputed is the fact that there remain those within our society who simply lack the means to provide adequate nutrition for their families.

Therefore, policies such as the National School Meal Policy help send out a positive message to the people of Bangladesh, particularly those lower on the socio-economic ladder.

With the plan to provide 30% of daily calorie requirement and 50% of daily micro-nutrient requirement to students aged between three and 12 through the program, by providing one meal every school day, the government must be given credit for realizing the high return on formulating such a policy -- a well-fed child will improve in productivity throughout his or her life and the right nutrition will also aid in building their cognitive capacities as they grow older.

Bangladesh is on the cusp of achieving historic milestones in the very near future, and it is of paramount importance that the government makes sure that the future generation is cared for and given the right nutrition needed for proper mental and physical growth.

To that end, the formulation of forward-thinking policies such as the National School Meal Policy is precisely what the country requires.