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Window to the world

  • Published at 05:48 pm September 26th, 2018

Cooperation and connectivity are key to continued progress

The Bangladeshi government’s decision to open up its Chittagong and Mongla ports to neighbouring India is a great step towards stronger connectivity and trade ties in the region, as it benefits all of us.

Opening up the seaports will allow for easier and faster routes for trade, and boost overall connectivity between the countries, and especially for the northeastern region of the sub-continent. 

Regional connectivity and cooperation remain crucial aspects to continued sustainable development, and the current government has, in this regard, kept its eye on the ball.

Thanks to the leadership of the prime minister, and decisions such as these, which serve to open up our doors to the wider international community, Bangladesh’s value as a global player has never been more prominent. 

These ports have the potential to truly transform Bangladesh’s economy, and should also be opened up to other neighbours such as Nepal and Bhutan -- this is a win-win situation for all players in the region.

In this globalized era, cooperation and connectivity are key to continued progress, as no country can grow in isolation, and so removing the various obstacles to easier trade routes is a step which shows that our government is on the right track.

For a long time, our country has been hurt by a lack of connectivity, but now a two-traffic of trade will no doubt transform the sub-regional economy, and help trade flourish -- this has been a long time in the making.

Ultimately, this is not just great news for business and the economy, but something that will foster greater ties between us and our neighbours, politically and socially.