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No impunity for murder

  • Published at 05:50 pm August 29th, 2018

What is important moving forward is for law enforcement to take crimes seriously

The recent murder of a female journalist in Pabna, who was hacked to death, should be a reminder for all of us to ensure that the hand of justice remains a powerful one in the nation.

All too often, perpetrators of murder and other crimes are granted impunity, depending on who they are, or what law enforcement considers “serious” enough to be efficiently investigated.

It is about time that our legal and justice systems work in conjunction to ensure that this vicious cycle of impunity ceases to exist.

As of now, the motivations behind the murder of the journalist, Subarna Akter Nodi, remain unclear, with her family claiming that her former husband and father-in-law may be behind the crime.

Whatever the motive may be, what is important moving forward is for law enforcement to take crimes seriously, and to investigate to their fullest power and figure out who was behind this most heinous crime. 

No matter the crime, it is imperative that perpetrators understand that the police will not tolerate such actions, and will protect the citizens of this country to the full letter of the law. 

For the longest time, a culture of impunity has no doubt existed in Bangladesh, from the harassment of journalists to the innumerable rapes and sexual assaults carried out on women, and we must work together to create a culture that values the rights of its citizens to feel safe and protected.

We hope that the authorities involved in the case investigate Subarna’s murder thoroughly, and bring those responsible to book.