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Health care for everyone

  • Published at 06:46 pm August 26th, 2018

We have the potential to provide better health care to our citizens

When it comes health care services, Bangladesh has unfortunately always lagged behind.

This is in large part due to the fact that health care remains expensive and can oftentimes be life altering for those who suddenly find themselves or their family members burdened with an illness.

And all too often, a lack of impunity, coupled with an overburdened health sector, ensures that the treatment being received by people is not up to the mark.

The situation has been worsened thanks to a budget which failed to prioritize the health care sector, with only a little over 5% accounting for the sector -- an incredibly low percentage by international standards.

However, this does not have to be the reality.

We have good doctors, and the potential to truly revolutionize our health care sector. What we need is a concerted effort both from the government and civil society to ensure that patients’ rights are protected and that doctors are given their due.

Patients need assurances that, no matter what ailment they suffer from, their doctors have their best interests at heart -- this can only be achieved through authorities ensuring that there is no impunity when it comes to medical neglect.

Doctors should also be incentivized to provide the best quality health care possible, and one way of doing this would be to increase government spending on the sector in the long run.

Whenever they can afford it, people opt for treatment abroad, even in neighbouring countries, and this trend must change.

We have the potential to provide better health care to our citizens. It is high time we started doing just that.