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For a clean Eid-ul-Azha

  • Published at 07:36 pm August 19th, 2018

The blood and entrails from millions of slaughters which take place each year litter the streets

With Eid-ul-Azha almost upon us, Muslims from all over the country will be sacrificing animals in the name of God.

Traditionally, these sacrifices have always been made on private property or on public roads -- a practice which resulted in the city being inundated by an aftermath most unsightly. 

This practice not only serves to tarnish the city’s image, but is also one that is at once unhygienic and unsanitary. The blood and entrails from millions of slaughters which take place each year litter the streets, clog up the drains, and leave city-dwellers with a stench that lasts for days, sometimes even weeks. 

As such, for the last few years, both of Dhaka’s city corporations have had designated slaughterhouses at which denizens could carry out their sacrifice -- a most laudable initiative that could ensure that the city remained clean, and Muslims across the city could carry out their sacrifices in a more controlled environment.

But ensuring that we celebrate this Eid in a hygienic environment is a responsibility not of the authorities alone. It is important that we, as citizens, treat this city as our home, and understand that we too have a role to play in keeping this city clean, and in improving the conditions in which we celebrate.

The improvement of Dhaka is a constant battle that we must all be a part of, from improving the drainage system to clearing up the canals, and it is also important that such a joyous time of the year is not ruined by the aftermath of careless and negligent practices. 

Let us all work together for a cleaner Eid.