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A time for heroes

  • Published at 05:42 pm August 15th, 2018
Carry on with the spirit of revolution
Carry on with the spirit of revolution Photo: BIGSTOCK

Every laugh under gunpoint is a revolution 

Troubling events have taken place in our motherland over the past few days. Many a patriot has lost sleep, and even dreams, over them. 

Contemplating the horrors that now abound our metropolis of desperation and hope has turned many a poet to lunacy. And the worse thing is: We don’t know any (one) way out of this.

But we cannot give up; our history as a people with power will not permit us to do so. We must keep trying with our full might. We must not let our world fall to shambles before our eyes. This is a time for superheroes. 

All our everyday alleyways must now seep with great men and women who transcend the limitations of the human mind and body. This is a time for heroes.

Don’t read me wrong: I do not call for heroics, I do not call for machismo, and I do not call for cape-wielding buffoonery. What I call for, ladies and gentlemen of the global jury, is much greater than that. 

I call this a time for everyday heroes.

“But what does that mean?” asks a young-blooded free spirit. “How do you feel and how loudly do you scream? Who do you scream against or for? What comes after?”

These are valid questions that one human cannot answer. Bigger forces are at play that we can do little to allay. We can spectate and cheer, but at times we must realize that we have moved from the driver’s seat to the cargo trunk. 

We must not feel like the master when we are hostages. We must continue without confusion and clumsiness. What is ours must be kept ours and what others brought must not be sold as ours. Many a fire died this way. The future should never die.

So to the young, dumb, and bold generation I am a part of, I implore humbly: Keep calm, but carry on. We know our blood boils so hot at times it wants to shoot out of our veins in pain. 

But my friends, if all our blood now leaves our flimsy bodies, the scary monsters only win, their reason of fear only diminishes. So carry on, my friends. Carry on with the spirit of the revolution at heart. Laugh. Dance. Sing. Live. Hope.

Every laugh under gunpoint is a revolution and a threat to authoritarians. Laughter means hope and hope means salvation. Hope is contagious. More contagious than wildfires. 

That is why new homes are always built on burned prairies. That is why we live this hopeless life. We live because we hope. Therefore, my friends, live and hope. That is all you need to do to be the hero Bangladesh needs right now.

So long as you don’t forget the great messages of justice and peace that you came down to the streets for, every second you love happily is a threat to tyrants everywhere. Peace and justice are sparked by revolutionaries but entrenched by common folk who sing and dance and smile. 

Therefore, so long as you don’t forget it, the revolution will not forget you. So long as you keep it in your heart, the revolution will live on. Ideas are bulletproof. 

Anupam Debashis Roy is the Editor of Muktiforum.