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Science education for the future

  • Published at 06:31 pm August 12th, 2018

Bangladesh’s education sector has often lacked focus, especially on science and technology

The fact that a group of Bangladeshi students are taking part in a global robotics competition says volumes about the potential school-going children have in our country. 

The group was chosen by The Tech Academy, an enterprise aiming to provide education on electronics, robotics, and programming to children and teenagers, and have been tasked by FIRST Global to build a robot “that is able to fuel power plants, initiate renewable energy plants, and house a resilient transmission network.”

And we have no doubt that these kids are up to the challenge and will carry their weight amongst the world’s brightest students.

However, while stories such as these remind us of what we are capable of, it should also remind us of the countless millions like Anahita, Laleh, Arman, Razeen, and Sujoy from The Tech Academy who do not have the access to the kind of education which would truly take advantage of their potential. 

Our education system has long begged for a change and it is worsened by the fact that the children of this country are capable of much more than we have given them opportunities for. 

As the competition strives to highlight, it is the youth on whose backs rest the future of a nation, and it is them who will come up with solutions to improve the lives of their fellow citizens and make the world a more habitable space.

Bangladesh’s education sector has often lacked focus, especially on science and technology, and services like the ones which The Tech Academy provide should be incorporated into our schooling so that kids can find new avenues to explore their curiosity. 

All too often, the education system concerns itself with rote memorization instead of practical experiences, which can truly take a student’s understanding to the next level. 

Considering Bangladesh’s various problems -- from traffic to climate change -- this is what we need more of. These are the children who will ensure that Bangladesh keeps moving forward.