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Unlocking Dhaka’s potential

  • Published at 07:47 pm July 29th, 2018

When it comes to transport infrastructure, implementation is key

The current government’s plans to improve Dhaka’s transport infrastructure are commendable, which we as a people can completely get behind. And Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s words regarding this issue are anything if not hopeful, painting us a vision of a Dhaka that is not only better, but within the bounds of possibility.

The construction of underground railway lines, elevated ring roads, and waterways are essential to a Dhaka city that is free of its existing bottlenecks.

To that end, as the PM has correctly pointed out, a major step would be to renovate the various water bodies covering the capital city, such as the rivers and the canals, which have been destroyed by pollution or occupied by grabbers.

With Dhaka’s burgeoning population and ever-worsening state of traffic -- where countless lives are lost to accidents and millions of hours and dollars in productivity are lost to congestion -- it is imperative that these plans do not die as mere plans.

As with all plans, when it comes to transport infrastructure, implementation is key, and, moving forward, we urge the authorities to heed the PM’s words. Which, of course, means not letting unnecessary bureaucracy and corruption get in the way of timely completion of these plans.

No more can we stand back and allow Dhaka to collapse under the weight of its worsening transport infrastructure. Better roads, better rules, better public transport -- these remain the keys to unlocking Dhaka’s true potential.

We are glad to see the administration finally placing some importance on this issue, what now remains to be seen is if they can back their words with the required actions.