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Wading through the water

  • Published at 06:50 pm July 25th, 2018

The problem of water-logging should be made a priority for the government

Once again, our cities are inundated by heavy rainfall -- roads and highways under water, normal life disrupted, businesses halted. 

Unplanned urbanization, illegal refilling, and encroachment of canals and drains are the main culprits behind the terrible water-logging we are currently experiencing, causing untold suffering to city-dwellers.

There is no shortage of images in the news and social media, or people wading through waist-deep water on city roads trying to get to their destinations.

This is no way for a major city to look, and this is no way to live -- the problem of water-logging should be made a priority for the government.

And it is not just the capital city that is grappling with the problem of urban water-logging. Chittagong is currently largely under water due to recent heavy rainfalls. And while the port city’s drainage system is partly at fault, its flooding is made even worse by poor administrative decisions.

Because of indiscriminate hill cutting in the region, soil washes down with rainwater and fills up drains and nearby waterbodies, thereby causing the water stagnation.

Regrettably, we do not have enough canals in our cities, and we are losing our existing ones to land-grabbers and landfills.

Canals act as conduits for rainwater to flow into surrounding rivers and out of the city, so it is absolutely imperative that we save them if we are to make any headway in solving the water-logging problem long term.

As a country that routinely gets high amounts rainfall, we need to focus on long-term, big picture solutions. Otherwise, the problem will only get worse with each passing year.