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A digital leap forward

  • Published at 06:20 pm July 23rd, 2018

With Digital Bangladesh comes the potential to fix many of Bangladesh’s problems

Since 2012, Bangladesh has moved up 35 places to be ranked 115th in the UN e-government survey, a monumental leap over the course of only six years -- we are currently the highest ranked of all the LDCs. 

This is, for the most part, due to the government’s Digital Bangladesh initiative, which has emphasized the need for expanding the ICT sector, leading to rapid development over the last few years, and has led to a much more digitally inclusive Bangladesh. 

There is no doubt that the future lies in IT, and it is encouraging to see that the government has had its eye on the ball this past decade.

By focusing on expanding online services, mobile and web applications, and vastly improving telecommunication infrastructure, we have embarked upon a new era in Bangladesh’s history. 

Digital Bangladesh is no longer merely a dream, but a reality. And with Digital Bangladesh comes the potential to fix many of Bangladesh’s problems, and improving the lives of the people who call this nation their home: 

From digital financial services which allow rural people to send and receive money, to ride-sharing apps which benefit the urban commuter -- life in Bangladesh is being transformed for the better. 

This progress has not only resulted in better lifestyles for Bangladeshis, but has created thousands of jobs, with Bangladesh now the second-largest source of online workers in the world. 

Digital inclusion is opening up avenues and opportunities for people that could only be dreamed of in the past.

The future is digital, no doubt, and it is wonderful to see that Bangladesh has embraced that reality.