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Right on track

  • Published at 05:47 pm July 19th, 2018

Done right, this could change the face of Dhaka and make it a more sustainable city

The true solution to Dhaka’s terrible traffic congestion problem -- apart from decentralization -- is to focus on the metro rail project, and to continually improve our existing infrastructure.

Only through a speedy, holistic, and coordinated approach towards this all-important project will we even begin to improve Dhaka’s transportation scenario.

That is why it is good see that work on Bangladesh’s first metro rail is ahead of schedule, and is now expected to be inaugurated on December 2019 through special arrangement by the government.

It is our utmost hope that once the project is completed, it will save time, reduce the toll on the environment, and be a safe and pleasant experience for commuters.

Done right, this could change the face of Dhaka and make it a more sustainable city.

We saw too many delays on the metro rail project during the planning phase, with decisions regarding funding, land acquisition, and consulting firms moving frustratingly slowly.

Now that the project is off the ground, it is a relief to see that the reality of our own metro rail is within reach.

Neighbouring nations like Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and India have understood the value of efficient and reliable transportation systems, and have taken great leaps forward in putting their own metro rails in place.

It is now Bangladesh’s turn -- for too long have we wallowed in pessimism, thinking our traffic problems were beyond fixing.

While the metro rail is only one part of a larger goal of making Dhaka more liveable, it is a major part of that goal; and by making commuting easier, it will make all other goals easier to achieve.