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Running out of excuses

  • Published at 07:36 am July 3rd, 2018
  • Last updated at 04:47 pm July 3rd, 2018

It is well past time for the international community to take a hard line

In the words of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres himself, the “Rohingya refugee crisis is a humanitarian and human rights nightmare.” 

Guterres has visited the Rohingya camps and has observed the truth of the situation for himself.

The world community has seen the reality on the ground, and the facts can no longer be denied.

And yet, while Bangladesh continues to provide refuge and aid to over a million Rohingya who have fled persecution in neighbouring Myanmar, international recognition and support is sluggish.

Sanctions and condemnation have been aired, but the plan of repatriation will not see any success unless and until a stronger stance is taken against the current Myanmar government by the world community.

Myanmar not only needs to provide safe haven for the Rohingya, but also ensure that their rights will remain protected as full and complete citizens of Myanmar. 

This would require, firstly, for Myanmar to recognize and admit that unforgiveable crimes have been committed against the Rohingya, and for a guarantee for safe repatriation under the watch of international monitoring bodies.

Myanmar has continued to delay any attempt to take the Rohingya back, and has denied that human rights violations have been committed.

Bangladesh has gone above and beyond the call of duty in this regard, but now that the UN is here to see the truth, it is well past time for the international community to take a hard line against the killing and persecution of the Rohingya.

The world community is truly running out of excuses.